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Anders Zorn: Sweden's Master Painter
National Academy Museum
In several of my music education classes at Teachers College, we have been discussing the idea of a “living tradition.” Rather than looking back at music from other times in history and finding ways to replicate it today, we seek to take the ideas of the past and reimagine them in our contemporary context. In all art forms, there is a tension between bowing to traditional forms and eschewing them in favor of contemporary innovations.
The Jewish Museum
I was never a big fan of comics. Growing up, I would occasionally read the Sunday "funnies" (often a bit of a misnomer, if you ask me), but I never read any of the comic books or graphic novels that many other kids my age read. I’m not really sure why I largely ignored this genre – maybe I just didn’t take it seriously, even at that young age.
Orpheus with Christian Tetzlaff, Violin
I’ve been playing the violin since I was five, and I joined my elementary school’s string orchestra when I was six. Needless to say, I’ve played in more orchestra rehearsals in the last fourteen years than I can count.
Golden Visions of Densatil: A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
“Golden Visions of Densatil”, a new exhibition at Asia Society, is a collection of sculptural pieces from the Densatil Monastery’s memorial stupas, dome-shaped structures erected as a Buddhist shrine. Built in the twelfth century near Lassa, Tibet, Densatil was famous for the monumental size and the craftsmanship of its stupas.
Asia Society
For five full days at the Asia Society, five Buddhist monks worked tirelessly on a huge sand mandala, painstakingly arranging grain after grain of colored sand in an intricate circular pattern.
In 2013 16% of the directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors of the top 250 domestic grossing films were women. This represents a decrease of two percentage points from 2012. Women accounted for 6% of US directors in 2013, and 8% of foreign films[1].
The Bronx Museum of the Arts
As a new resident of New York, in a city with a seemingly endless list of museums and performance venues, I sometimes find myself sticking to a few places I know well and resisting the urge to try something new. With so much work to get done at school, it can be hard to try new things.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Richard Serra: Inside Out


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