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Nicholas Roerich Museum
When my friends and family congratulated me for being accepted at Columbia University in May, they were applauding my decision of pursuing graduate education as full-time student, but only I was aware of the enormous sacrifice I was about to make.
I don’t think of myself as a “jazz person.” Most of my experiences listening to or making music have been in a more classical vein, and though I had listened to jazz, I had never enjoyed it in the same way that I did music I was more familiar with.
The Noguchi Museum
I’m going to say it straight out: the Noguchi Museum is far away. Like, Queens far. It takes a train ride and sizable walk just to make it to the front door. Once you walk through that door though, the journey becomes worth it. Stepping into the Noguchi Museum, the home of sculptures by artist Isamu Noguchi, is like leaving behind the flurry of city activity and entering an oasis of calm.
I caught up with Danni Gee over the phone one Thursday evening in early May. It’s the end of the day, almost the end of the week, but the excitement in her voice is fresh and genuine.
Last spring, I was the Special Event Intern with Dance/NYC, a non-profit organization that bolsters infrastructure within the New York City dance community, organizes advocacy initiatives and carries out research to make data-driven rec
MoMA PS 1, housed in an old school building, is like the MoMA’s cool little sister with a focus on the cutting edge in contemporary art. Located in Long Island City, MoMA PS 1 is just a few subway stops on the E from the MoMA, so you can easily squeeze in two museum’s worth of viewing pleasure in the span of a day.
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
As students, one of our central architectural experiences is the library. Butler is a prime symbol of the classical education, with the great writers of Western civilizations carved upon its entablature and the large hall of 209 with neat rows of study tables.
The Barnard-Columbia Ancient Drama Group’s production of Seneca’s Thyestes runs April 4 – 6 in Minor Lathan Theatre, Milbank Hall. Performances are at 8 PM every night at 2 PM on Saturday. Tickets are $5 at the door, the TIC, or online.
For years, if not for the right reasons, friends have recommended that I read Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red. The verse novel retells Stesichorus’ now-fragmentary Geryoneis, in which Herakles steals a herd of cattle and kills their red herdsman Geryon; Autobiography of Red depicts Geryon as a winged red monster who is also an adolescent struck by desire for a James-Deanian Herakles.
Museum of the City of New York
In the age when 3D printers and other sorts of fabrication methods are on our minds, the concept of a prefab apartment is not so farfetched in our mass consumer society. This is just one of the design concepts presented at “Making Room” an exhibition on new housing initiatives for New Yorkers currently being shown at the Museum of the City of New York until Sept 2013.


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