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Columbia University’s unique location in New York City allows faculty to expand their classroom to incorporate events, exhibitions, and performances as part of their curriculum.


ArtsLink helps University faculty incorporate attendance at arts and cultural events into their curriculum. Our staff help make it easy for faculty to assign these events without having to buy and re-sell the tickets to their students. We buy the tickets, we can often subsidize their cost, and we sell them directly to the students through the Ticket and Information Center.

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Recent Examples
  • Broadway – American Idiot, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
  • Concerts – Carnegie Hall, New York Philharmonic
  • Metropolitan Opera - Carmen, Don Giovanni, La Traviata
  • Museum Tours - MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum
  • Theater – New York Theater Workshop, the Public Theater, BAM Metropolitan Opera (Carmen, Don Giovanni, La Traviata) Museum Tours (MoMA, Metropolitan Museum)
  • Other leading venues (Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carnegie Hall, City Center, Harlem Stage, Japan Society, New York Theater Workshop, Public Theatre)
  • Last year more than 150 classes and over 3,000 Columbia students attended performances ranging from the Brooklyn Academy of Music to the Metropolitan Opera during the 2011-2012 academic year.
  • Participating faculty from the Core Curriculum, Psychology, American Language Program, History, English, Italian, Philosophy, and Journalism have participated in Artslink.