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Events Calendar

  • Dec 7th to Dec 15th    
    An exhibition of selected work by the undergraduate seniors with a major in Visual Arts.
  • Sep 14th to Dec 16th    
  • Nov 2nd to Dec 16th    
    David Zwirner is pleased to present two major concurrent exhibitions of recent work by Yayoi Kusama on view across three gallery spaces in New York: Festival of Life...
  • Nov 4th to Dec 16th    
    David Zwirner is pleased to present two major new works in forged steel by Richard Serra. Recent drawings by the artist will be on view in the gallery’s second floor exhibition spaces....
  • Sep 9th to Dec 17th    
    The connections among seemingly unrelated processes made visible in the exhibition invite the audience to engage critically with questions of inequality, identity, and governance that continue to...
  • Nov 7th to Dec 17th    
    A love story that proves that sometimes in order to find yourself, you have to get lost.
  • Dec 12th to Dec 17th    
     Joyce audiences will have the chance to witness the choreographer’s genius when the Trisha Brown Dance Company takes the stage with three pivotal works created between 2000 and 2009.
  • Oct 29th to Dec 17th    
    This exhibit features a series of works in which female bodies appear both nude and concealed by the landscape and lakes they sit on/in. This exhibit exists in conversation with the manner in which...
  • Sep 18th to Dec 18th    
    Kelly Akashi is a Los Angeles-based artist working in sculpture and photography, often using materials like wax, glass, bronze, light, and air to emphasize time and ephemerality. 
  • Dec 7th to Dec 21st    
    Art lovers and holiday shoppers will have an amazing opportunity to purchase the artwork and crafts designed and made by professional older artists ranging from ceramics (including decorative and...


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