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  • Sep 17th to Feb 18th    
    Hidden behind New York City’s iconic skyscrapers, sprawling subway system and world famous public parks is the ghost of the city that could have been – a parallel metropolis that can reveal the city’...
  • Sep 17th to Feb 18th    
    The Wandering Lake, 2009-2017 allows viewers to navigate through Chang’s personal, associative, and narrative meditation on mourning, care-giving, geopolitics, and landscape. The exhibition has...
  • Sep 17th to Feb 18th    
    Image: Sable Elyse Smith, Men Who Swallow Themselves in Mirrors (video still), 2017. Courtesy the artist
  • Sep 17th to Feb 18th    
    Image: Julia Weist and Nestor Siré, 1mberto (Santa Clara), 2016. Fujifilm instant film. Courtesy the artists
  • Aug 18th to Feb 25th    
    Taking an intergenerational artistic milieu as its point of departure, this exhibition brings together works by artists whose output subverts a rigorous formalism through references to subjectivity,...
  • Nov 7th to Feb 25th    
    A love story that proves that sometimes in order to find yourself, you have to get lost.
  • Nov 27th to Feb 25th    
    This major retrospective—the exhibition's only North American venue—will honor the artist in his 80th year by presenting his most iconic works and key moments of his career from 1960 to the...
  • Oct 11th to Feb 28th    
    An exhibition tracing women’s political activism in New York City from the struggle to win the vote, through the 20th century, and into our own times. 
  • Oct 20th to Mar 4th    
    Since the 1970s, Judy Chicago has been a pioneer in the development of feminism as an artistic movement and an educational project that endeavors to restore women’s place in history.
  • Oct 25th to Mar 11th    
    The Noguchi Museum presents a retrospective exhibition of the sculptural work of Gonzalo Fonseca (1922–97), a major figure in the development of modern Latin American art who created some...


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