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  • Feb 2nd to Jun 1st    
    Discover the legendary civil rights leader’s connection to the city.
  • Jan 1st to Jun 1st    
    To understand 20th and 21st century African-American history, and ultimately American society today, it is imperative to understand the depth and breadth, and the achievements and...
  • Feb 11th to Jun 3rd    
    Featuring over 100 works, including paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, photographs, and historical documents drawn from collections across Latin America, Europe, and the US, Tarsila do Amaral:...
  • Feb 15th to Jun 8th    
    Image Credit: CCCADI
  • Sep 1st to Jun 16th    
    Goldstone's paintings are luxurious and yet somehow spare, depicting both observed and invented scenes. At first, they may seem to be primarily concerned with color, but stay with them a while: they...
  • Feb 13th to Jun 17th    
     This exhibition of works from the Museum's collection will feature watercolors, drawings, and sketchbooks by 18 American artists who traveled to and were inspired by Italy from the late ...
  • Aug 7th to Jun 23rd    
    Bringing together 62 masterpieces of 16th-century northern European art from The Met collection and one important loan, this exhibition revolves around questions of historical worth,...
  • Oct 6th to Jun 23rd    
    The Center for Italian Modern Art is proud to present the first exhibition in the United States of the work of Alberto Savinio (1891–1952) in over two decades, featuring 25 rarely seen works by the...
  • Jul 17th to Jun 29th    
    The Botánico series explores this tension between humanity and the botanical world. Puerta uses artificial plants, designed to create maintenance-free and organized adornments, to...
  • Jul 13th    
    This exhibition highlights the one hundred and fifty year social history of Brooklyn’s backyard.


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