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  • Aug 15th to Mar 18th    
    Franz Ludwig Catel (German, 1778–1856), The Bay of Naples with Vesuvius and Castel dell’Ovo, ca. 1818–20, oil on paper, mounted on cardboard. Thaw Collection, Jointly Owned by The Metropolitan Museum...
  • Nov 3rd to Mar 18th    
    This ongoing exhibit at the Jewish Museum features the work of LA-based, multidisciplinary artist Math Bas
  • Nov 3rd to Mar 18th    
    The first comprehensive U.S. exhibition drawn from The Israel Museum’s world-renowned collection of Jewish costumes showcases over 100 articles of clothing from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries.
  • Jan 1st to Mar 31st    
    Posing Modernity proposes that changing modes of representation for the black female figure are foundational to the development of modern art, as seen in iconic images from Édouard ...
  • Nov 10th to Mar 31st    
    Presented to mark the 40th anniversary of the pioneering Public Art Fund, Art in the Open highlights works that have transformed both the public spaces of the city as well as...
  • Oct 7th to Apr 6th    
    It is Here | It is Now | I Am considers everyday happenings in the public spaces of Washington Heights and surrounding neighborhoods as moments of heroism. 
  • Nov 8th to Apr 8th    
    Best known for his monumental cuts, holes, apertures, and excisions to the facades of derelict homes and historic buildings in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and abroad, Gordon Matta-Clark’s work...
  • Nov 8th to Apr 8th    
    A Further Shore reveals the waterways and shorelines of New York City as spaces of escape, revelation and transcendence. Like Whitman's poetry, the photographs plumb a communal human connection...
  • Oct 25th to Apr 29th    
    The work Angel Otero has produced for the Bronx Museum are not elegies in the typical sense, but celebrations of twenty-first century painterly innovation and of the resilience of art...
  • Sep 25th to May 7th    
    Woven bags carried by nomads in the Middle East were designed to contain all of the necessities of life, from bedding to salt. This exhibition will highlight 19 distinctly patterned examples of woven...


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