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  • May 25th to May 28th    
    The nation’s largest African dance festival returns to BAM for its 41st year, under the leadership of artistic director Abdel R. Salaam. 
  • Apr 1st to May 31st    
    Unleashing is a college-wide exhibition featuring site-specific, multi-media art installations and related public programming that highlight the concepts of American educational philosopher Maxine...
  • May 1st to May 31st    
    Each year in May, Lower East Side cultural and community groups, small businesses and residents create a variety of public events, exhibits, tours, and learning opportunities. 
  • Feb 2nd to Jun 1st    
    Discover the legendary civil rights leader’s connection to the city.
  • Jan 1st to Jun 1st    
    To understand 20th and 21st century African-American history, and ultimately American society today, it is imperative to understand the depth and breadth, and the achievements and...
  • Oct 28th to Jun 2nd    
    Dia Art Foundation presents an exhibition of works by the French artist François Morellet. A prolific painter, sculptor, and installation artist, Morellet was one of the founding members of the...
  • Feb 11th to Jun 3rd    
    Featuring over 100 works, including paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, photographs, and historical documents drawn from collections across Latin America, Europe, and the US, Tarsila do Amaral:...
  • May 17th to Jun 3rd    
    There's Blood at the Wedding is a unique musical adaptation of play fragments by Federico Garcia Lorca. Lorca's plays, especially Blood Wedding, focus on endless cycles of violence within a community.
  • Feb 15th to Jun 8th    
    Image Credit: CCCADI
  • Apr 14th to Jun 9th    
    Image by Bryony Roberts


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