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  • Jun 1st to Jun 24th    
    In this parody of Edward Albee’s classic WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?, KATE SCELSA reinvents the power dynamics of the original play’s not-so-happy couple. In the end, no one...
  • May 29th to Jun 24th    
    Tony winner Ruben Santiago-Hudson returns to direct a sumptuous, must-see production of Shakespeare's great tragedy
  • Jun 15th to Jun 24th    
    LES Citizen's Parade. Photo courtesy of Naomi Goldberg Haas.
  • Jun 21st to Jun 24th    
    A dance theater production focused on the resilience of the indigenous peoples of the southern Philippines as passed through generations of oral tradition in the legend of the brothers Tabunaway...
  • May 9th to Jun 24th    
    The New York premiere of a new play by Marina Carr, "one of Ireland's most celebrated and haunting playwrights" (New York Times)
  • Jul 17th to Jun 29th    
    The Botánico series explores this tension between humanity and the botanical world. Puerta uses artificial plants, designed to create maintenance-free and organized adornments, to...
  • May 2nd to Jun 29th    
    Image Credit: Psycho. 1960. USA. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. See it on May 23 and June 8 at MoMA. 
  • Mar 27th to Jun 30th    
    Shared Sacred Sites puts forward a powerful story of tolerance and cross-faith, cross-cultural co-existence by examining the sharing of saints, sacred places, religious practices, and...
  • Mar 22nd to Jun 30th    
    Focusing on six capitals—Buenos Aires, Havana, Lima, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago de Chile—this exhibit presents the rapid urban growth, sociopolitical upheavals, and cultural...
  • Apr 28th to Jun 30th    
    Image: Marlene Dumas, She speaks (from the series Venus & Adonis), 2015-2016 (detail)


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