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November 2, 2017 to December 23, 2017

291 church street
new york, ny 10013



The Wonderful Wizards of Post

Cut. Splice. Dissolve. To most people, these are just words. To an editor, those words are the necessary terminology to craft a story. A common ideology of the work of an editor is that we simply "cut out the bad stuff." This notion is false, as the work of an editor transcends over many levels and dynamics of storytelling. The work of an editor begins after the cameras have stopped rolling, the set is broken down, and the talent has moved on to the next project. Editing is far from a glamorous position. Often, rooms are dark and cramped with only the hum of the equipment and the clicks of the keyboard as accompaniment. There are often hours upon hours of footage to organize and screen. Customarily, a script will be provided as a guideline, but for a reality-style show, there is often only a rundown of the day's events. It is up to the producer and the team of editors to craft the best story that can be told using interviews, sound-ups, and field footage. Adding music and graphics further enhances any piece, allowing story arcs, tension, and fun to transpire. 

An exhibited devoted to the world of editing and filmmaking featuring work by Amanda Durett Cercone, Perry DiMarco, Russ Mendelson, and Evald Ridore.