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Art Class Intern, Creative Aging Program

HANAC Harmony JVL Innovative Senior Center
Working Time
Part Time


We are seeking an intern to assist the art instructor and visiting artists in our creative aging focused innovative senior center. We will work with all schools to make sure interns receive the proper credit and evaluation. Undergraduate or Graduate Student or Recent Graduate. We will consider students in all majors but this opportunity is well suited for students of: Fine or Liberal Arts, Gerontology, Social Work, Education

Time Commitment & Onsite Behavior

We require punctuality, reliability and set hours of at least 3 hours twice a week. Please note that interns are to give all of their attention to the older adults we serve and the instructor they are assisting. There is no cell phone use, personal art or homework during working hours for interns or part time staff.

Ideal Candidate

  •      Be friendly and attentive
  •      Able to Create a lesson plan for a project and implement it with the help of the instructor
  •      Client Focused during internship hours
  •      A quick learner

How to Apply

     Please include a cover letter telling us why you are interested in interning at the Innovative Center.