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The Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship: NextGen Leaders Advancing Cultural Equity

Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute
Working Time
Part Time

The Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship (ICA) trains emerging arts-based professionals, transitioning into NYC cultural institutional public leadership and management, with a targeted focus to include and support persons from historically under-represented communities.  A core emphasis of the Fellowship is the advancement of cultural equity. ICA is a program of the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI). ICA Fellows engage in sessions that nurture innovative thought processes and situate the growth of the field within historical context. Seminar readings are tied to the NYU course, “Cultural Governance: The Process of Creating a Cultural Equity Plan for NYC,” taught by, Dr. Marta Moreno Vega. ICA Fellows also meet with field leaders and   participate in roundtables focused on such themes as: “Frameworks in Historical Cultural Activism,” “Building Institutions in Our Own Image,” “Public Arts, Fiscal Equity: A Tale of Two Arts Cities,” among others. The Fellowship also includes site visits at NYC arts and cultural institutions, along with networking opportunities with notable senior arts executives.

ICA Fellows are typically early-to-mid-career professionals (25-40 years of age) who seek to engage in progressive  thinking, advocacy, and collaborative action to achieve cultural equity and social justice. Participants must have at least 3-5 years of experience in the arts and culture sectors; be recognized and recommended by senior-level professionals in their field; and have a proven commitment to refocus the arts resources of  cultural institutions to address the needs of historically underrepresented communities.

ICA Fellows will:
-Understand the historical context for NYC’s current cultural arts landscape as it relates to NYC’s changing racial, ethnic and cultural communities
-Deepen skills in public management, leadership, communication and best practices in advancing cultural equity
-Enhance their personal awareness, courage, clarity and commitment regarding their purpose and promise as progressive leaders in this field  
-Examine the historical constructs classifying some art as “high art,” the standards that drive it, and how societal bias obstructs cultural equity
-Receive career advisement and create a professional development plan
-Broaden their work experience in the arts advocacy sector via cohort assignments
-Learn how the range of NYC’s key public arts institutions work and gain access to these institutions and their leaders via site visits
-Gain and apply skills to strengthen their institutions, and/or cultural work via the ICA final project
-In the long-term, have gained greater understanding and confidence to take on executive leadership positions in areas of public management, cultural arts and policy-making 
-Receive certification and a generous stipend of $750 for successful program completion

Ultimately, this fellowship builds the capacity of NYC’s arts sector by strengthening its emerging leadership of underrepresented communities, advancing cultural equity, and radically transforming the paradigms within the field.

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