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American Numismatic Society
Working Time

All internships are:

Available throughout the academic year and summer during the Library’s scheduled hours of operation (Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm).
Unpaid unless otherwise specified. However, opportunities to attend lectures and seminars of interest may also be available.
Hours are negotiable depending on number of credit hours required for academic credit and the intern’s needs.

Internship activities and duties include:

Opportunities to take part in daily library operations.
Ongoing long-term and short-term projects.
Intern feedback and evaluation of the experience, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Interns are expected to treat the internship as a professional appointment by keeping to an agreed up schedule, completing assignments, and cooperatively participating in all activities of the library. Interns should be able to commit to equivalent of a full day of work per week (or 2 half days).

Interns may choose from a variety of opportunities and projects (subject to change, as well as approval by academic advisor), including:

Call Number Assignment Projects

Generate and assign call numbers for unique library classification system.

Learn skills of creating cutter numbers for library items.
Identify duplicate items.

Cataloging and Indexing

Assist with cataloging and indexing of major works and articles.
Check that items in catalog match those on shelf.
Run search trials of new catalog to improve searching capabilities.

Duplicate Identification and Organization

Assist with checking for duplicate items by searching the online catalog and identifying shelf locations.
Manage list of currently available duplicates.

Some Archive projects may also be offered upon request and depending on student requirement needs.

Skills and abilities required: learn quickly and take initiative, be detail oriented, demonstrate excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills, proficiency in basic computer skills. Students should submit the following:

Email description of potential projects of interest (as described above) and current resume to

If deemed qualified for internship, applicants will be contacted for interview. If accepted to the program, students, sponsoring librarian(s) and/or the student’s academic advisor (if required by academic institution) will work together to negotiate terms of the internship and an agreement and plan of action regarding goals and objectives, training program, schedule and methodology for recording work accomplished and evaluation of the intern’s accomplishments.