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Our arts initiative #WeAreWelcomeHere is seeking Columbia affiliate volunteers  this summer starting in July, for an 8 session bookmaking & literacy project that will promote an appreciation for books & civic engagement to take place at the NYCHA Grant Houses 2 blocks from Columbia University! Students will work with 3-5 year olds as they become authors and illustrators of fiction and non-fiction books about Harlem. Volunteers should expect to work at least 2-consecutive hours per day, two days per week. Completed books will initiate a community lending library that will be used to raise awareness about Harlem's literacy and librarian gap in Harlem public schools.

Qualities we look for:

  •      Interest in social justice
  •      Creativity and experience working with young children
  •      At least 4-8 hours/ per week availability
  •      Ability to pass a background check

#WeAreWelcomeHere's mission:   

 To creatively activate space for social change. Our current summer project #OurKidsRead combines a summer literacy program with civic engagement. This summer, we invite  Columbia affiliates to join the Harlem community as we help transform children living in NYCHA housing into authors and librarians. Let’s Keep Harlem Harlem and show NYC #OurKidsRead. Our creative organization explores the everyday disruption of space by ordinary people historically threatened with physical or symbolic displacement.    

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