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September 5, 2017 to September 5, 2019

Brooklyn Bridge Park
334 Furman St 
Brooklyn, NY 11201

St. Ann's Warehouse

Hear Their Here There

Image: artwork by Victoria Burge.

Hear Their Here There
  is a site-specific sonic art work, an interactive audio guide for the “here and now.” It is a playful sound-walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park that is at once ordinary and extraordinary.

Over many months, the creators recorded the observations of hundreds of voices in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Using the geo-location capability of your phone, the app lets you, the listener, hear their words where they said them.

Part documentary, part chance operation, HTTH  follows you where you go throughout the park. Your choice in direction and duration tell the app what to play, so there is always something new to uncover and listen for with each experience.

You will never take the same walk twice.