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  • Nov 7th to Nov 18th    
    ​A play meets a rock band in this alt-rock musical about a pair of misfit lovers and a bl
  • Nov 2nd to Nov 19th    
  • Nov 2nd to Nov 19th    
  • Nov 2nd to Nov 19th    
    The Life And Times Of Lee Harvey Oswald revisits three 1963 national traumas: the assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother, and Rev. Martin Luther King using marionette puppets. 
  • Sep 29th to Nov 19th    
    In the hot Donegal August of 1878, the fruits of Colonialism and the ambiguities of loyalty are tested within the background of impossible love.
  • Oct 30th to Nov 19th    
    ​In the New Mexican desert, on the night before his murder, Billy the Kid is restless and alone. As he reflects on the relationships that have informed his life, he conjures his mother, his lover,...
  • Nov 1st to Nov 19th    
    The Performa Biennial provides an extraordinary and very public platform for showing the essential role of art in society. Through live performance we touch people directly, change their minds, and...
  • Oct 16th to Nov 21st    
    The International Observatory for Cultural Heritage marks the 100th anniversary of the U.S.A.'s entry into World War I with a photo exhibition documenting the protection of Italy'...
  • Sep 27th to Nov 22nd    
    Sounder (1972), directed by Martin Ritt This 8-week series addresses ‘The Four Freedoms’ that President Franklin Roosevelt articulated during the Great Depression. These themes have resonated for...
  • Nov 2nd to Nov 22nd    
    The Carter Burden Gallery showcases the vibrant, cutting-edge and transformative art that is the product of the unique cultural wealth possessed by older professional artists.


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