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Student Arts Grants FAQs


How much can I apply for?

Columbia-recognized student groups may request up to a maximum $1,500.
Unrecognized student groups and individual students may request up to $750.


Will the Arts Initiative underwrite my whole project? 

Because there are limitations on the kinds of expenses eligible for Student Arts Grants, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek a variety of funding sources for their project.


How can I use the funds?

Student Arts Grants can be used for expenses such as venue fees, Lerner Tech, marketing and advertising, printing, rights and royalties, equipment rental, supplies, and materials. Student Arts Grants cannot be used for food items, travel costs, honoraria, or payments for services provided by individuals.


Can I apply for funding for my thesis or other academic project?

No. Student Arts Grants are only for non-academic, non-curricular arts projects.  No student involved in a funded project can receive academic credit from any institution or department for the project.


My group is producing multiple events, should I apply for each event individually or all at once?

Groups with multiple events in one semester should consider these as a 'season' and consolidate the events into one application. Remember, applications are reviewed once per semester after a posted deadline.


What are my obligations if I am awarded a Student Arts Grant?

A member of the Arts Initiative staff will reach out to set up a meeting for you to review the terms of the grant agreement and provide the documentation needed in order to transfer grant funds. At the conclusion of your project, you'll meet with us again to reconcile eligible expenses. As part of the reconciliation process, you’ll be required to submit receipts and paid invoices to document eligible expenses.

Grant recipients are required to include an acknowledgment of the Student Arts Grant on marketing and promotional materials; the specific language is included in the grant agreement.


How is the grant money distributed to students?

Student Arts Grants are distributed on a reimbursement basis. You’ll be required to meet with a member of the Arts Initiative team to review and reconcile eligible expenses. You must submit receipts and paid invoices to document eligible expenses. Awards not reconciled by each semester’s deadline are subject to forfeiture. Recognized student groups will receive their funds via Interdepartmental transfer to their valid University Student Group Account. Unrecognized student groups and individuals will be issued a check via Columbia Accounts Payable.