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Lunch with the Arts Initiative: Large-Scale Event Production with Monica Moore

Published on
November 16

Monica Moore has helped produce New York City’s iconic New Year’s Eve in Times Square for the past nine years and discussed her career to date with an audience of students and staff on Friday over pizza.

She began with anecdotes of her start in stage management in New York after moving from Oklahoma where she received her BA in theater from OSU. She eventually worked her way up to larger-scale productions such as plays directed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the iconic New Year’s Eve event.

As a freelancer Moore has dealt with a wide range of productions citing around 150 different events over her 13 year-career, from long-term off-Broadway productions to day-long benefits. Although the varying scheduling of event planning as a freelancer can put stress on other aspects of her life, Moore discussed ways of how she balances the lack of a traditional 9-5 work schedule along with enumerating the pros of being her own boss.

Moore was an engaged, motivated speaker. Her thorough knowledge of event planning and energy was evident; often she acted out parts of her story, or gesticulated to get her point across. Some key messages for students: be confident and be prepared to discuss your work, your ideas, and your goals anywhere and anytime. You never know when an opportunity will arise, nor from whom. So jump in there and get started with producing your events!