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  • Nov 8th to Dec 22nd    
    This exhibition will feature artists who, in one way or another, attempt to engage in time travel.  
  • Sep 13th to Jan 6th    
    Organized by E. Carmen Ramos, Smithsonian American Art Museum’s deputy chief curator and curator of Latino art, the exhibition explores the work of ten photographers.
  • Jul 17th to Jan 6th    
    An exhibition exploring the lives of female activists, professionals, and working women who challenged the Victorian ideal
  • Feb 5th to Jan 6th    
    Beginning in the fifth century B.C., Medusa—the snaky-haired Gorgon whose gaze turned men to stone—became increasingly anthropomorphic and feminine, undergoing a visual transformation from grotesque...
  • Sep 17th to Jan 6th    
    The exhibition, a joint project with the Musée du Louvre, will illuminate Eugène Delacroix's restless imagination through more than 150 paintings, drawings, prints, and manuscripts—many never...
  • Sep 18th to Jan 6th    
    For the last fifty years, artists have explored the hidden operations of power and the symbiotic suspicion between the government and its citizens that haunts Western democracies. Everything Is...
  • Sep 14th to Jan 6th    
    Through some 160 works, this exhibition presents the artistic output of Marc Chagall, El Lissitzky, Kazimir Malevich, and others, exploring a little-known chapter in the history of modernity and the...
  • Oct 3rd to Jan 6th    
    A solo exhibition presenting the works of Christopher K. Ho as he grapples with reverse diaspora’s aspirations, and, particularly, the affective shift from being an ethnic minor in the United...
  • Sep 27th to Jan 6th    
    One of the most respected photographers of his generation, Eugene Richards has devoted his career to exploring profound aspects of human experience.
  • Sep 7th to Jan 6th    
    A series of newly acquired photographs from artist Tuan Andrew Nguyen, the works capture a correspondence between a young Vietnamese rapper and African American rapper Saigon.


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