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  • May 16th to Sep 27th    
    The largest FREE performing arts festival in New York City with concerts and events in neighborhood parks across the five boroughs.
  • Sep 6th to Sep 29th    
    Brilliantly blending powerful prose, contemporary dance, live music and visual design, world renowned beatboxer Chesney Snow presents The Unwritten Law – his harrowing journey from a legacy of...
  • Apr 7th to Sep 29th    
    Image: Chris Daze Ellis, Watery Grave, 2012
  • Jun 1st to Sep 30th    
    Coney Art Walls is an outdoor museum of street art curated by Joseph Sitt and Jeffrey Deitch. Located at 3050 Stillwell Avenue near the beach and boardwalk in Coney Island, the public art wall...
  • Sep 5th to Sep 30th    
    Inspired by compelling personal recollections from the Oral History Project at the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum, Separate and Equal explores the emotional violence of segregation through the...
  • Aug 30th to Oct 3rd    
    A solo exhibition of esteemed multi-media artist Francie Bishop Good.
  • Sep 22nd to Oct 3rd    
    HOPE is the story of three women: Rose, a prostitute in the 1950's; Alice, a spirited, yet haunted wife and mother; and Hope, an Irish-Mexican storyteller who examines the fragments of her life in...
  • Jul 16th to Oct 3rd    
    Handstitched Worlds: The Cartography of Quilts is an invitation to read quilts as maps, tracing the paths of individual stories and experiences that illuminate larger historic events and...
  • Sep 26th to Oct 6th    
    Post:Death is a madcap meditation on nature's most hilarious joke: Mortality. Listen: We all need to believe in something. Listen: We all need things to get better. Listen: Nobody knows what to say...
  • Jul 3rd to Oct 7th    


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