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October 5, 2017 to November 10, 2017

Aiccon Gallery New York 
35 Great Jones St 
New York,  NY 10012

Aicon Gallery

G.R. Iranna: The Primordial Ash

G.R. Iranna. "Light in Hidden Ash," 2016. Acrylic on tarapaulin. 

Aicon Gallery New York is proud to present The Primordial Ash, a major new U.S. solo exhibition by New Delhi-based artist G. R. Iranna. The work in this exhibition continues Iranna’s explorations of the constant struggle between the organic forces inherent in nature - and humanity as part of nature - and mankind’s attempts to temper and direct these vital forces in both the physical world and within ourselves through social constructs and systems of indoctrination. Whether through the taming, reorganization, and exploitation of our natural environment, or the subordination of the individual will to political or religious superstructures, Iranna sees this constant human need to dominate and suppress as the root source of much of the environmental chaos and socio-political instability that proliferates today. The exhibition is comprised of a new cycle of large-scale canvases and works on paper, hinging around the recurring motif of roots and branches, depicted either majestically unfurled and in bloom or hopelessly tangled and muted to the point of near total abstraction. This is Iranna’s fourth solo exhibition with Aicon Gallery, and his first in its newly expanded New York galleries.

For an online preview of the exhibition works, please visit the exhibit's page.

Opening Reception
A free reception celebrating the opening of The Primordial Ash will take place Thursday, October 5th from 6 - 8 pm. 
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