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Sat, Feb 13, 2016 7:00pm –

St. Ignatius of Antioch Church
552 West End Avenue at West 87th Street
New York, NY 10024


Leonora Duarte (1610-1678): The Complete Works

A Rare Performance

We present this evening the complete oeuvre of Leonora Duarte, a Portuguese converso living in Antwerp, and the only known woman in the 17th century to write music for viols. A performance of her extant work, seven Sinfonias in five parts, will shed light on a previously under-researched thread of music history: that of the cultural accomplishments of women marrano in early modern Europe. Like many educated women in the baroque world, Duarte came from an established family of patrons interested in supporting the work of artists and musicians. Her interactions with a vibrant, urban community cultivated by her father, Gaspar Duarte, empowered her to navigate the waters of social diplomacy while influencing the production of new music. We hope that a fresh and elegant live performance of Duarte will both contribute to our knowledge of music by women in the 17th-century domestic sphere, and help illuminate the complex and symbiotic relationship between Duarte and her male contemporaries, some of whom we will also play this evening, among them the Elizabethan composer, John Bull (1562/3–1628), likely her tutor, as well as Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543–1588), and John Jenkins (1592–1678).