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January 18, 2018 to February 24, 2018

Lehmann Maupin
536 W 22nd St

Lehmann Maupin

Robin Rhode: The Geometry of Color

Photo: Joints (detail), 2017. Robin Rhode. c-print. 

Robin Rhode (b. 1976, Cape Town, South Africa; lives and works in Berlin) engages photography, performance, drawing, and sculpture in creating visual narratives that are brought to life using quotidian materials such as soap, charcoal, chalk, and paint. Rhode came of age in the newly post-apartheid South Africa, and was exposed to new forms of creative expression motivated by the spirit of the individual rather than dictated by a political or social agenda. The growing influence of hip-hop, film, and popular sports on youth culture as well as the community’s reliance on storytelling in the form of colorful murals encouraged the development of Rhode’s hybrid street-based aesthetic. Rhode is best known for his photographic series that documents a sole protagonist interacting with murals the artist painted on public walls in Johannesburg and Berlin. In the succession of photographs, the movements of the actor appear to alter the two-dimensional renderings, compressing space and time and transforming the urban landscape into a fictional storyboard. Melding individual expressionism with broader socioeconomic concerns, Rhode’s work reveals a mastery of illusion, a rich range of historical and contemporary references, and an innate skill for blending high and low art forms.

Rhode has received numerous awards, including the Young Artist Award 2011, A.T. Kearney, Germany, the Illy Prize, Art Brussels, Belgium, and ars viva 05/06 Identität/Identity Award, Berlin.