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In light of the rapidly changing COVID-19 information, new ArtsLink requests are suspended through the rest of the Spring 2020 semester.

Complement your curriculum with vibrant arts experiences around New York City. ArtsLink is a concierge service for University faculty through which our team can help arrange group orders and manage the logistics of outings to performances, exhibitions, or other arts events around the city.

We can often subsidize the cost of tickets or museum admission, and can sell tickets directly to students through the Ticket and Information Center.

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Please list which show(s) or venue(s) you would like your class to attend. Please list your preferred 3 dates and times, your budget, and any other restrictions or considerations. We will request the best available price, unless otherwise specified. If you want our help choosing an event, tell us about the course and your goals for the outing. The more detail you provide here, the more preparation we can do in advance of contacting you with options.