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A Year with 92Y

Published on
May 9

This year, I attended several of the many performances a part of their concert series.  As a visual artist myself, I was a nervous to engulf myself in a stream of music I was unfamiliar with, but as a full time grad student, this was a refreshing opportunity to experience the outside world that wasn’t a part of my research.

Each concert offered little pearls of inspiration that I could let seep into my creative writing and artist practice. Drawing upon my musical endeavors and experiences this year, I have come to see more clearly the inherent link between all modes of art.

Of the concerts, Yamandu Costa’s Seven Stringed Guitar performance reminded me of the great diligence involved in creating and performing, but also the importance of humor and lightheartedness. Arguably one of the most profound guitar virtuosos of his time, Yamandu guided the audience through his Brazilian home with his rhythmic and jocular modulations.

Costa, casually sipping tea and interspersing jokes after each song, the theater resounded with laughter, and I couldn’t help but look around to see so many smiles in the audience. This, I thought, could be why art is so powerful, as it has the potential to connect us through emotion.

That is one facet of 92Y that is so intriguing to me, is its ability to connect us. Although I attended mainly classical music concerts, 92Y is founded on the broader mission of connecting us “through culture, arts, entertainment and conversation.” For over 140 years, they have continued to “harness the power of arts and ideas to enrich, enlighten and change lives, and the power of community to repair the world” (92Y).

92Y is a powerhouse of challenge, change, and conversation. Located conveniently in such an arts infused location, I have spent weekends trailing through Central Park, along Museum Mile, and to my final destination of 92 Street Y. I recommend that Columbia University students take advantage of the opportunities 92Y presents--take a chance, contribute to the conversation.

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