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Sabor Dance Team is one of the largest Latino-based organizations on Columbia's campus. In addition to Latin dance styles, Sabor also performs hip-hop, reggaeton, jazz, modern, Indian, Caribbean, and other styles of dance. Recognized by both Columbia University and Barnard College, Sabor holds multiple dance and culture-related activities on both campuses in addition to its regular biweekly team practices. Sabor prides itself on being more than just a dance team – our annual Fall Semester show attracts an audience of more than 400 members and strives to allow members of the Columbia and New York communities to experience and better understand Latino and Caribbean cultures through dance and other performing arts. Additionally, every Spring semester, Sabor hosts The Rélevé Program, a three-day program for underserved high school students who are involved in the performing arts and interested in attending college or university. We provide workshops in both the performing arts and college admissions for them and act as mentors in an effort to reach out to and encourage young performers to pursue higher education. Sabor, above all, provides a canvas for students to come together to explore and express Latin and Caribbean identities as they relate to the world at large and to youth culture today through the art of dance. Email: