Complement your curriculum with vibrant arts experiences around New York City

Fall 2021 Note

As in-person attendance details with our varied partner performing arts venues continue to evolve, ArtsLink is paused for the Fall 2021 semester.

Carnegie Hall
Columbians attending a performance at Carnegie Hall | Credit: Fadi Kheir

Complement your curriculum with vibrant arts experiences around New York City. ArtsLink is a concierge service for University faculty through which our team can help arrange group orders and manage the logistics of outings to performances, exhibitions, or other arts events around the city.

How does ArtsLink work?

Professors may submit our online form to request that we procure tickets for one event per class per semester. Events can be performances or museum tours at most venues and museums in the city. Just ask, and we’ll look into it for you.

Professors can either choose to purchase all tickets up front and distribute them directly to students in class, or have students purchase tickets individually through the Ticket and Information Center (TIC) in Lerner Hall.

We will purchase the number of tickets specified on the  request form – remember to include yourself, other faculty, and TAs in your count. Those tickets will be held until the specified purchase deadline.

Your class(es) can attend the same night or two different nights depending on your preference. We will do our best to reserve a block of adjacent seats, but sometimes the group will be seated in the same approximate section.

Although the events themselves are open to the public, an ArtsLink event, like a discussion section for a course, is assigned to augment classroom instruction and is limited to students registered for that course.

If an event is cancelled by the presenting organization, and the presenter offers refunds, we will pass the refund through to all ticket buyers. Credit card fees cannot be refunded, even due to cancelled events.