Student Arts Grants

Student Arts Grants

Apply for a grant to support your student group's next arts project

For more than a decade, the Arts Initiative has supported the extraordinary creativity of student groups at Columbia through Student Arts Grants. Grants support performances and publications from recognized student groups that are non-curricular, with a priority given to undergraduate art making.

Two Types of Student Arts Grants:

Performance Grant

Apply for a grant to support performances, with a focus on theater, dance, music, and cultural showcases.

Performance Grants range from $400–$1,000

Publication Grant

Apply for a grant to support printing costs for literary, visual art, and other printed arts publications.


Publication Grants range from $200–$500

Spring 2024 Submission Period Closed

The fall submission period will open in late September—stay tuned for details.

  • To be eligible to receive a Student Arts Grant, your group must be a recognized Columbia University or Barnard College student organization.

  • The primary purpose of the project must be student art-making, with priority given to undergraduates.
  • The project must be non-curricular. No student involved in the project can receive academic credit from any institution or department for the project. Senior theses and other required academic projects are not eligible.

  •  Projects must involve a majority of Columbia student creators.

  • The final event/project must be open and accessible to Columbians

  • The project must take place entirely during the current academic semester, concluding by the last day of classes

  • We review one application per group, per semesterGroups with multiple events during a semester should submit these on one combined application.

  • Types of projects not eligible for Student Arts Grants include launch parties, film projects, panel discussions, exhibitions,  fashion showcases, performances/presentation from contracted outside performers, and fundraisers/charity benefits.

Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Performance Grants may be used towards:

  • Venue rental (on-campus venues only)
  • Equipment rental (sound, lighting, tents, risers, chairs, instruments)
  • Printed materials (posters, flyers, postcards, programs)
  • Rights, royalties, sheet music

Performance Expenses not supported by Student Arts Grants include:

  • Venue rental fee – off-campus
  • Honoraria / artist fees (including director, photographer, videographer, choreographer)
  • Equipment purchase (microphones, cameras)
  • Props, set materials
  • Software subscriptions / web hosting
  • Ticketing fees
  • Costumes / t-shirts
  • Food / catering
  • Gifts / flowers
  • Transportation

Publications Grants may be used towards:

  • Publication printing
  • Printed promotional materials (posters, flyers, postcards)

Publication expenses not eligible for Publications Grants include software subscriptions, web hosting, honoraria / artist fees (including photographer), food / catering.

Reporting Requirements

Student Arts Grants are awarded on a reimbursement basis, with award funds transferred into your account after your project has been completed and you have documented final expenses with receipts.


Please contact us at with any questions.

Images: Diary in the Time of Cardiovacuumia performance by Blue Glaze Theatre Group | courtesy of Blue Glaze; Assorted publications created by student organizations | photo by Taylor Crichton