American Weathervanes: The Art of the Winds
American Weathervanes: The Art of the Winds
See the first exhibition in more than four decades to highlight the beauty, historical significance, and technical virtuosity of American vanes fashioned between the late 17th and early 20th centuries.
American Folk Art Museum
June 23, 2021 to January 02, 2022
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Exhibition details

The exhibition includes the graceful figure of Fame blowing a trumpet and standing en pointe like a celestial ballerina, attributed to well-known manufactory E.G. Washburne & Co. in New York City, a Dove of Peace commissioned by George Washington for his home in Mount Vernon; and an eagle possibly made in the foundry of revolutionary patriot Paul Revere.

Additional artworks

In addition to weathervanes, the exhibition will also include beautifully articulated wood sculptures by Harry Leach that functioned as patterns for weathervane molds for the Cushing & White and L.W. & Sons manufactories in Waltham, MA., watercolors of historic weathervanes painted for the Index of American Design, and rare archival materials that illuminate the development of the weathervane in the United States of America.


American Folk Art Museum
2 Lincoln Square
New York, NY 10023

Image: Ezra Ames and Bela Dexter, Heart and hand weathervane (1839) / photo courtesy of David A. Schorsch and Eileen M. Smiles