Artists Making Music
Artists Making Music
See a film that takes viewers on a journey through the recent history of music made by visual artists, with an original soundtrack by electronic music duo Sub-Botnick and sequences from music videos from the last 45 years.
Asia Society online
May 18, 2021 | 7:30 pm
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New York, NY

About This Event

The film Artists Making Music takes viewers on a journey through the recent history of music made by visual artists. In addition to a new original soundtrack by Sub-Botnick (Ahmet Öğüt & Maru Mushtrieva), the work features sequences from music videos made by international artists over the past forty-five years, the earliest from the collaboration between Art and Language and The Red Krayola in 1976. Other artists featured include Kim GordonDominique Gonzalez-FoersterNástio MosquitoAlexandra PiriciPipilotti RistRaed YassinLaibachRodney GrahamIsabel LewisCevdet ErekMariechen DanzHassan KhanCibelle Cavalli BastosNathaniel Mellors, writer Dan Fox, and curator Sohrab Mohebbi

Artists Making Music is the second in an ongoing series of essay documentaries initiated by the artist in 2020, which shares artists making artworks in specific conditions, formats, and times. Öğüt’s first video in the series, Artworks Made at Home, portrays a lineage of artists making art in domestic settings. Öğüt’s essay documentary series bring together several aspects of his practice, such as collaboration (Happy TogetherCollaborators Collaborating, 2015), knowledge sharing (The Silent University, 2021–ongoing), and inspiring others to take their own actions (Bakunin’s Barricade, 2015–20).

Following the performance, join us for a Q&A with artist Ahmet Öğüt moderated by Michelle Yun Mapplethorpe, vice president for global artistic programs and director of Asia Society Museum.

The event will be livestreamed on Asia Society’s YouTube page.

Performance duration:  Approx. 18 minutes
Music by Sub-Botnick (Ahmet Öğüt & Maru Mushtrieva)

Ahmet Öğüt is an internationally recognized conceptual artist whose practice embraces many different media. His work focuses on complex sociocultural issues, including migration and civil unrest. Öğüt’s frequent cross-disciplinary collaborations outside the art world create innovative ways to tackle complex topics while often incorporating humor. 

In the musical interventions of Sub-Botnick, Öğüt and Mushtrieva mix psychedelic, retro-futuristic, and synth-punk music, occasionally reinterpreting old folk instruments. The name Sub-Botnick is derived from two similar-sounding yet completely contrary terms: from the Russian word “subbotnik,” which describes the initially voluntary, but later often-imposed civilian national service in the Eastern Bloc, and from Morton Subotnick, a pioneer of electronic music and founding member of California Institute of the Arts.

Image: Ahmet Öğüt, Artists Making Music (2021) / courtesy of of the artist and Protocinema, Istanbul and New York