Center of Attention: Koho Yamamoto, Untitled
Center of Attention: Koho Yamamoto, Untitled
Join educator Matthew Capezzuto for a participatory conversation about Koho Yamamoto’s ink painting Untitled (n.d.), on view in the exhibition Koho Yamamoto: Under a Dark Moon. Bring a pencil and paper for a short writing or sketching exercise.
Noguchi Museum online
April 13, 2021 | 8:00 pm
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Matthew Capezzuto
Educator, Noguchi Museum

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Noguchi Museum
Long Island City, NY

About The Artist

Master painter and founder of an eponymous school in New York City where she educated generations of students in sumi-e (“black ink painting”) from 1974 to 2010, Masako “Koho” Yamamoto (b. 1922) continues to work and teach privately as she approaches her ninety-ninth year. Because of her deep association with sumi-e and veneration as a teacher, her art has been almost totally unrecognized outside of that context. These dark abstract paintings suggest sublime interior landscapes, which she describes as coming “from nothingness”—from an empty mind.

Image: Koho Yamamoto, Untitled, n.d. Collection of the artist. Photo: Nicholas Knight