Composers in Focus II: Tania Leon
Composers in Focus II: Tania Leon
Sit in on intimate conversations between composers and musicians who know each other’s work, and in some cases have known each other for decades. The events include live, real-time conversations with composers as well as pre-recorded performances.
Chamber Music Society online
December 10, 2020 | 6:30 pm
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Tania León
Ian David Rosenbaum
Orion Weiss

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Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
New York, NY

About This Event

Composer and pianist Tania León talks with oboist James Austin Smith about motivation, influences, inspiration and her work A La Par for Piano and Percussion (1986), discussing how the 12-minute work came to be and how it looks to her three-plus decades later. Ian David Rosenbaum, percussion, and Orion Weiss, piano, perform the piece, newly recorded for CMS this season.

Image: Tania León