Curator’s Talk: But Still, It Turns
Curator’s Talk: But Still, It Turns
In celebration of the ICP exhibition, But Still, It Turns: Recent Photography from the World, join photographer-curator Paul Graham for a presentation and virtual in-gallery tour of the show.
International Center of Photography online
February 24, 2021 | 6:00 pm
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Paul Graham
Photographer and exhibition curator

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International Center of Photography
New York, NY

About The Exhibition

Through photographs, the prism of time is illuminated and breaks to clarity. We see the components and how they fit together. They take us on unexpected paths, they bring us to other lives we could know if life were to turn another way; they foster empathy. They allow us to recognize that life is not a story that flows to a neat finale; it warps and branches, spirals and twists, appearing and disappearing from our awareness.  

This exhibition presents photography attuned to this consciousness, photography from the world, from life as it is—in all its complicated wonder—in the twenty-first-century United States: from Vanessa Winship’s peripatetic vision in she dances on Jackson through Curran Hatleberg’s gatherings of humankind in Lost CoastRichard Choi’s meditation on the differences between the flow of life and our memory of it in What RemainsRaMell Ross’s images of quotidian life from South CountyGregory Halpern’s luminous Californian journey in ZZYZXPiergiorgio Casotti and Emanuele Brutti’s Index G work on the delicate balance between economic theory and lived fact; Kristine Potter’s re-examination of the Western myth of manifest destiny in Manifest; or Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa’s braiding the power of images with the forces of history in All My Gone Life

Image: Gregory Halpern, Untitled, 2016 / courtesy of International Center of Photography