Francophone Short Films in Harlem
Campus Arts Event
Francophone Short Films in Harlem
Enjoy eight short films from francophone countries during this on-campus event, part of the Francophone Short Films Festival in Harlem.
Buell Hall – Columbia Maison Française
April 25, 2023 | 6:00 pm
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Festival Details

The mission of the Francophone Short Film Festival is to provide an opportunity for the voice and viewpoint of cinematographers and directors of Francophone countries to be exhibited on an international stage. The intended purpose is to expose the audience to the evolution of the French language, or how it has mixed with the local language, while viewing the rich cultural mosaic of the French-speaking countries and through the camera lens, the filmmakers’ expression of their experiences.

Film Details

Amani, Alliah Fafin, 2021, 17 mins, Canada/Quebec-Chad
The Record, Jonathan Laskar, 2022, 9 mins, Switzerland
Empty mails (Courriers vides), Diane Jesuton Cakpo, 10 mins, Benin
Leave one day (Partir un jour), Amélie Bonnin, 24 mins, France
Belle River, Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau, Yannick Nolin, 11 mins, Quebec/Canada-Louisiane/USA
Ma Gueule, Gregory Carnoli & Thibaut Wohfahrt, 2022, 21 mins, Belgium
The blue hour ( L’heure bleue) Mathilde Loubes & Antoine Bonnet, 2022, 5 mins, France
The burning roots (Les Racines Ardentes), Camelia Jordana, 2022, 16 mins, Reunion


Buell Hall - Maison Française
515 W. 116th Street
New York, NY

About The Event

All films with be shown with English subtitles. 

Join the Francophone Short Films Festival for Series 1, which features eight short films from francophone countries. The runtime for the screening is approximately 120 minutes followed by a Q&A. 

For information about the full festival, please visit the event website.

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