ICP Talks: Dayanita Singh
ICP Talks: Dayanita Singh
Hear about the place of editions within the realm of imagemaking. For many years, ICP alum and Artist Book Infinity Award winner, Dayanita Singhs' work has explored the intersection of the photobook and the space of exhibition.
International Center of Photography online
September 29, 2021 | 1:00 pm
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International Center of Photography
New York, NY

About The Speakers

Dayanita Singh’s art uses photography to reflect and expand on the ways in which we relate to photographic images. Her recent works, drawn from her extensive photographic oeuvre, are a series of mobile museums that allow her images to be endlessly edited, sequenced, archived and displayed. Stemming from Singh’s interest in the archive, the museums present her photographs as interconnected bodies of work that are replete with both poetic and narrative possibilities. Publishing is also a significant part of the artist’s practice: in her books, often published without text, Singh extends her experiments on alternate forms of producing and viewing photographs.

David Campany is a curator, writer, and managing director of programs at the International Center of Photography, New York. His books include On Photographs (2020), A Handful of Dust (2015), Art and Photography (2003), Jeff Wall: Picture for Women (2011), Walker Evans: the Magazine Work (2014), and The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip (2014).

Image: Dayanita Singh / still from film by MediaStorm, executive produced by Harbers Studios