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See the critically acclaimed original Broadway musical about the culture-shaking, pulse-pounding, star-making world of KPOP, featuring real-life K-pop and musical theater sensation Luna.
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Circle in the Square Theatre
October 25, 2022 | 8:00 pm


"KPOP is a delicious spectacle."
"...sweeps you up in the thrill of a crowd that can hardly wait to burst into applause."
Time Out

Creative Team

Jason Kim
Helen Park
Music, Lyrics, Music Production, and Arrangements
Max Vernon
Music and Lyrics
Teddy Bergman


Circle in the Square Theatre
235 W. 50th Street
New York, NY

About The Performance

As global superstars put everything on the line for a special one-night-only concert, one singer – played by K-pop and musical theater sensation Luna – faces an inner struggle that threatens to dismantle one of the hottest labels in K-pop. Pulsing with infectious beats, electrifying choreography, and breathtaking joy, KPOP is an all-consuming multimedia experience that explores the relentless discipline, raw talent, and commercial ambition behind the heart-thumping international phenomenon.

For more information about this performance, please visit the event website.

Image: Ashley Park / photo by Ben Arons, courtesy of KPOP