Mansai Nomura’s Kyogen: Kagami-kaja (A Mirror Servant) + Shimizu (Spring Water)
Mansai Nomura’s Kyogen: Kagami-kaja (A Mirror Servant) + Shimizu (Spring Water)
Japanese megastar and kyogen performer Mansai Nomura presents Kagami-kaja (A Mirror Servant), a new kyogen piece that he conceived, directed and performed in, and Shimizu (Spring Water), a popular kyogen piece from the traditional repertoire.
Japan Society online
December 09, 2020 | 8:30 pm
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Mansai Nomura
Director / actor
Seiko Ito

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Japan Society
New York, NY

About This Event

The main piece in this double feature, Kagami-kaja (A Mirror Servant), was written by the multi-talented author Seiko Ito, as commissioned by Mansai Nomura, with Ito penning a script for Mansai to direct. The story begins as a lighthearted exchange between a servant and his reflection that takes a turn for the absurd when the servant finds himself trapped in the mirror. Preceding Mansai’s new kyogen piece is a beloved classic from the traditional repertoire entitled Shimizu (Spring Water). This much-ado-about-nothing parable depicts a servant who weaves a fantastical tale about an ogre at the nearby spring to avoid having to fetch water for his master’s tea ceremony. In his hyperbolic retelling, the servant quickly finds himself mixed up in the imaginary life of the spring’s monster. Each piece will be preceded by an introduction from Mansai, recorded specifically for this online viewing. This double feature will be performed in Japanese with English subtitles.

This presentation launches online on December 9 at 8:30 PM EST with a watch party full of facts and live commentary about this 700-year-old comedic art form. On December 12 at 9 PM EST, join us for a live Q&A with director/actor Mansai on Japan Society’s YouTube channel, where you will have the rare chance to ask him questions directly.

Image: © Shinji Masakawa © from Setagaya Public Theater