Matisse: The Red Studio
Matisse: The Red Studio
Explore an exhibition that reunites Matisse's landmark painting The Red Studio with the surviving six paintings, three sculptures, and one ceramic depicted in the painting itself.
April 30, 2022 to September 10, 2022
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Exhibition details

Matisse: The Red Studio will reunite the titular work with the surviving six paintings, three sculptures, and one ceramic by Matisse depicted on its six-foot-tall-by-seven-foot-wide canvas. This will be the first reunion of these objects since they were together in Matisse’s studio at the time The Red Studio was made. They range from groundbreaking paintings, such as Le Luxe II (1907–08), to lesser-known works, such as Corsica, The Old Mill (1898), to objects which have only recently been rediscovered.

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Paintings and drawings closely related to The Red Studio will help to illuminate the picture’s history: its rejection by the patron who commissioned it, its international travels, and its eventual acquisition by MoMA. A rich selection of archival materials, including photographs and letters, will reveal new information about the painting’s subject and history. The exhibition will also explore the radical nature of its almost entirely red surface and present recent discoveries about the process of its making.


The Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY

Image: Henri Matisse, The Red Studio (1911) / photo courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art