Morningside Lights Video Celebration: Play On!
Morningside Lights Video Celebration: Play On!
This year's beloved annual Morningside Lights event took place at home, with participants submitting videos and photos of their lanterns. Tonight we celebrate the culmination of Morningside Lights with our video premiere-- join us!
Miller Theatre and Arts Initiative online
October 26, 2021 | 7:00 pm
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Event details

Morningside Lights is an annual outdoor procession featuring dozens of lanterns built by members of the Morningside community.

This year’s theme is Play On! Inspired by the intersection of Duke Ellington and Shakespeare, we explore how the act of play helps us find personal meaning and resilience within collective traditions.

How to watch

Register in advance to receive the YouTube premiere link.

Presented by

Arts Initiative & Miller Theatre
Columbia University
New York, NY

Image: 2021 Morningside Lights submission