Navigating the Noise: Election Coverage in the Digital Age
Navigating the Noise: Election Coverage in the Digital Age
Join CBH and the Social Science Research Council for a discussion about fundamental changes to the news industry that are reshaping where and how citizens get information about candidates for public office.
Center for Brooklyn History online
October 20, 2020 | 7:00 pm
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Julia Azari
Associate Professor of Political Science, Marquette University
Michael Wagner
Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Wisconsin
Claire Wardle
Founder and Director of First Draft
Johanna Dunaway
Professor of Communication, Texas A&M University

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Center for Brooklyn History
New York, NY

About This Event

In 2020, voters will make choices about candidates based on information gleaned from a fragmented and polarized news ecosystem that includes a shrinking core of professional journalists competing for attention with a growing periphery of partisan opinionators and hostile foreign interlopers. Panelists include Julia Azari, associate professor of political science at Marquette University, author of Delivering the People’s Message: The Changing Politics of the Presidential Mandate and regular contributor to political science blog The Mischiefs of FactionMichael Wagner, professor of journalism and mass communications at the University of Wisconsin; and Claire Wardle, Founder and Director of First Draft. Moderated by Johanna Dunaway, professor of communication at Texas A&M University.

Image: Courtesy of the Center for Brooklyn History