‘Release the Horses (fka hydra)’
‘Release the Horses (fka hydra)’
Watch a dance that considers the instability and malleability of water as a way of framing constant change. It proposes that our relationship to water—long a vehicle for connection and oppression—may now be reshaped through public performance.
School of the Arts online
April 17, 2021 | 7:45 pm
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School of the Arts
Columbia University
New York, NY

About This Event

Release the Horses (fka hydra) is a new performance work commissioned by the Office of Public Programs and Engagement at Columbia University School of the Arts for the Year of Water. In 2019, Phoebe Osborne began developing a trio titled hydra; a many-headed collective body in constant change, set to be performed in April 2020. Due to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, hydra lost this particular tendril of existence and a new solo work, Release the Horses (fka hydra), took its place. This solo attends to a void while carrying the imprints of hydra and the many voices that it held.

Choreography and performance: Phoebe Osborne ’18

Sound Score: Colin Self

Costume Design: Anne Cousineau

Videography: Lazar Bozic with assistance by Sam Taffel

Pre-pandemic Collaborators: Talya Epstein (performer), Lu Yim (performer)

Phoebe Osborne would like to offer special thanks to the following colleagues involved along the way: Sher Doruff (advisor), Will Rawls (mentor), Karol Tymiński​ (dramaturg), Yasi Alipour (text editor), Andrea WoodnerJeroen FabiusAnnick KleizenMikki SteldersJordan Strafer, and Laurel Atwell.

Image: Courtesy of Phoebe Osborn and School of the Arts