Spain, 1000 – 1200: Art at the Frontiers of Faith
Spain, 1000 – 1200: Art at the Frontiers of Faith
View a group of works that testify to the diversity of Spanish medieval art, demonstrating the ease with which objects and artistic ideas transcended differences of belief.
The Met Cloisters
August 30, 2021 to January 30, 2022
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Exhibition details

The exhibition’s chronology, 1000 to 1200, corresponds to a pivotal era in the history of the Spanish Middle Ages—one that saw significant shifts in the balance of power between Christian and Muslim rulers, destabilizing long-standing social relationships and introducing new tensions among religious communities.

Artwork details

Placed in dialogue with each other, the silk textiles, ivory carvings, illuminated manuscripts, frescoes, and monumental sculptures featured in the show will reveal a dynamic, interconnected past that often mirrors the present.

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The Met Cloisters
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Image: Artist Unknown, Camel, ca. first half of 12th century / The Metropolitan Museum of Art