William Klein: YES
William Klein: YES
Street photographer. Fashion photographer. Painter. Graphic designer. Abstract artist. Writer. Filmmaker. Book maker. Few have transformed as many fields of art and culture as William Klein.
International Center of Photography
June 03, 2022 to September 12, 2022
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This exhibition showcases photographs, paintings, and films by William Klein, created between 1948 and 2013.

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From his wildly inventive photographic studies of New York, Rome, Moscow, and Tokyo to bold and witty fashion photographs; from cameraless abstract photography to iconic celebrity portraits; from documentary films about Muhammad Ali, Little Richard, and the Pan-African Festival of Algiers to fiction films about the beauty industry, imperialism, and consumer culture, Klein has made every form and genre his own. Through it all runs his distinct graphic energy and deep affection for humanity’s struggles through the chaos of modern life.


International Center of Photography
79 Essex Street
New York, NY

Image: William Klein, Candy Store, Amsterdam Avenue, New York, 1955. © William Klein. Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery